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CASE VENEZUELA Mr. Donald Trump, President of the United States of America And Leaders of the Civilized World


Mr. Donald Trump,
President of the United States of America
And Leaders of the Civilized World

The crisis in Venezuela and all the other Hispanic American countries from Mexico to Chile, with slight differences, occurs due to the prevalence of a hyper-presidential, centralized federal political system.

Venezuela is a federation of 23 states, one Capital District and 335 municipalities, which have no political autonomy (except in electing state Governors and municipal Mayors), no fiscal autonomy (except in the collection of taxes in the form of sealed paper and stamps), no educational autonomy (all teachers are appointed exclusively in the Capital, regardless of the region in which they would teach), and no judicial autonomy (all judges and district attorneys are appointed in the Capital provisionally, which means that appointments can be terminated at any time, thus limiting their independence). The states also lack autonomy in law enforcement, road, maritime port, airport, railroad, social assistance and services, and military matters. All of this occurs because the Constitution of Venezuela (year 1999), in its 12th article gives to the President of Venezuela, among other things:  total control of the economic resources in the country, making him the virtual owner of: PDVSA (the country’s oil company and the source of almost the majority of the country’s income), and CVG (an industrial State Holding which controls electricity, iron, steel, aluminium, gold and diamonds, among other things). 

The President of the Republic designates the presidents of those industrial conglomerates and their boards of directors. The President of the Republic is also the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and has total control of military promotions, he also designates the President of the Central Bank of Venezuela (who is usually a favourite lackey, and this also happens with every other important post in the country. The President also designates the members of his cabinet with absolutely no control from the other powers, and basically oversees and controls every important economic and political decision, in both internal and external policy, with absolutely no control from the Parliament.

The President distributes at will, via currency exchange control and other means, the oil income with which 98% of industrial machinery is imported, he also controls the distribution of raw materials and other economy services, discriminately denying resources and funding to some, and giving them to others. The consequence of this is the massive ruin of business and enterprise in the country. In 18 years over a billion dollars vanished, and poverty, populism, drug trafficking, violation of human rights, hunger, inflation and corruption are rampant.

If the Venezuelan Government is peacefully replaced with the help of diplomacy and the mediation of civilized countries (USA, Canada and countries of the European Union),  it would be an instant relief and an improvement on the current situation, but it would not be a permanent solution to the root cause of the problem. That is because the same Constitution (1999), or another originated from the fraudulent Constituent Assembly installed by the Government, would still maintain, in the best-case scenario, the same hyper-presidential centralized federal political system, and in the worst one would create something even worse, such as an all-out communist regime. . Regrettably, all the current political leaders in both the Government and the Opposition don’t really want to change the political system in the country, they just want to retain power or obtain it, respectively.

Because of those reasons, a better course of action should be taken.  The United States, Canada and the EU should consider the possibility of advising the eventual next president of Venezuela to promote a simultaneous action directed at resolving the immediate desperate humanitarian situation and also to attacking the structural cause of the crisis, with the institution of a new a legitimate Constituent Assembly aimed at writing a new Constitution that would substitute the hyper-presidential centralized federal political system with a federal and decentralized political system with real autonomy for its regions and with a Parliamentary Government.

Communist countries like Cuba and China, and authoritative regimes like Iran and Syria exercise an unholy influence over Venezuela and other vulnerable countries in order to advance their own political and economical agendas with the help of corrupted government officials who steer the centralized and hyper-presidential political system to their advantage. 

In order to spread and secure the interests of the United States of America for generations to come, it is essential that Venezuela and all the so-called “third world countries” advance to become free, economically developed and socially prosperous nations, and this can only be possible with the institution of a decentralized and parliamentary political system, a proper check-and-balances system in each and every country, a government for the people and by the people of each corner of the World. 

Sincerely yours
Julio Belisario
* El plan Marshall ... (Pag. 67)
(Phone celular Venezuela:  0414 7085357)

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